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Want to inspire our next generation of designers?
Here are some upcoming projects for getting involved this school year!


stage MINI DESIGN COMPETITION with students

Blackshear Art Teacher Ms. Elisabeth Healey is looking for designers to facilitate designing / engineering / constructing students' visions for the stage! Class runs from 11:00 am - 1:50 pm, 10/11 -10/13. Single or multiple session commitment available.   

Groups of students divided per grade will be assigned one of the three possible sites and build their versions of the schoolyard stage with each group tackling discreet components of seating, shade, and stage. 

The medium will be tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and clay (materials color-coded by grade) at a 1/4" scale. The winners of each site by popular vote will be displayed on charrette day Saturday 10/21 as a way students can provide their input to charrette participants. 

The physical site model and designs will provide a rich resource for integration into digital 3d for VR as well as a stop motion backdrop for lego short movies.


stage + amphitheater charrette with AIA DESIGN VOICE

The Blackshear Schoolyard Stage Design Competition is the product of a collaborative partnership between Blackshear Fine Arts Academy and AIA Austin DesignVoice. The PERFORM competition invites Austinites to shape the physical and psychological expression of a small community performance venue located in the heart of the Central East Austin neighborhood.

Teams of 2 to 5 Austin-based architects, landscape architects, engineers, designers, builders, and community members are invited to participate in a community-wide design competition benefiting the students of Blackshear Fine Arts Academy.  Blackshear is an AISD elementary school in east Austin that has made great strides academically in recent years by transforming itself into a fine arts academy.  Please consider helping the school further its arts mission by designing a much-needed new outdoor stage.

Design a beautiful, safe, functional, and cost-effective schoolyard stage that is highly utilized by the Blackshear Fine Arts Academy and its neighbors, and expresses the Central East Austin neighborhood’s sense of identity through intentional placemaking.

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Register by October 18th, 2017 to take part in the design competition.



library furniture project with social design alliance

Page + Social Design Alliance + Blackshear Librarian Mr. Roger Grape is spearheading an effort to bring some child-scaled design and furniture to Blackshear's library!

Currently we are looking for any vendors who are interested in donating or providing a discount on materials or furnishings.