Forty things women can do to get ahead

For those who weren't able to attend the event put on by MSTC at the google fiber space, here's what was shared. My favorites are in bold - loved the conversation. Can't wait to apply these!

Christy Childers of Dropbox

  1. #focus - say no to things, don't over commit, find your focus, and HONE IN
  2. #ask questions - talk more competently with more information
  3. #just not sorry - gmail extension, stop discrediting yourself in your emails
  4. #refer boss babes - refer other people who might be a good fit, empower others
  5. #happy hour for 1 hour - don't feel like you have to go to events
  6. #shut up the imposter - don't listen to the nagging doubt voice, encourage other women, compliment others, feed the encouragement
  7. #ask for feedback - receive criticism, determine who is "in our front row" or your personal "board of directors"
  8. #scrape your social - "We won't be distracted by comparison if we are focused on goal & purpose", load your social media with those that motivate
  9. #follow your gut always
  10. #data tells a powerful story

Jane Claire Hervey of Boss Babes

  1. set boundaries - on projects, set email times, set expectations for your team
  2. the "customer" is not always right - offer alternative options
  3. measure your success with data, not comparative analysis
  4. everyone deserves your respect - even jerks
  5. when you are the boss, you have to own that paper - be good to your team
  6. cut costs when you can, but think about economies of scale (especially with your time)
  7. refrain from treating customers as numbers
  8. engineer your attitude - do your research, don't give into imposter syndrome
  9. and then recover from that emotional labor - carve out time for yourself to restoer
  10. spend your valuable time establishing systems - is this worth my time?

Melissa Murphy of Pitch Academy

  1. Volunteer - giving will open more doors
  2. Master the art of storytelling - creates subjective value, super persuasive
  3. Get Feedback - use the start/stop/continue method to frame the feedback conversation
  4. Improve your public speaking
  5. Get noticed - it's not about what you do, it's about who knows what you do
  6. Value brevity & effective writing
  7. Learn to say no
  8. Learn to delegate
  9. Get over your perfection complex, take risks
  10. Carry thank you notes - do one favor for a diff person every week and by the end of the year, you will have strengthened 52 relationships

Haley Odom Ackerman of RetailMeNot

  1. Ask for a diverse interview loop to balance out unconscious bias
  2. get a mentor
  3. get an ally
  4. get sponsor
  5. negotiate your salary
  6. write like a man on your self evaluations
  7. self promote
  8. be confident, ask for what you want
  9. get a good hand shake
  10. befriend facilities / IT

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