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Design Competition

Competition Overview

The Blackshear Schoolyard Stage Design Competition is the product of a collaborative partnership between Blackshear Fine Arts Academy and AIA Austin DesignVoice.  The competition invites Austinites to shape the physical and psychological expression of a small community performance venue located in the heart of the Central East Austin neighborhood.

The threefold mission of this competition is to:

1. Provide an exemplary and cost-effective schoolyard stage which is highly utilized and valued by the Blackshear Fine Arts Academy and its neighbors.

2. Provide a beautiful, safe, and functional schoolyard stage that meets the programmatic needs of the the stakeholders.

3. Express the Central East Austin neighborhood's unique sense of identity, community, and values through placemaking.

Community Feedback

The community is invited to offer feedback on the three designs presented here, created by three different teams of volunteers who entered the competition and attended the design charrette held on October 21, 2017.  The winner will be selected by a jury made up of Blackshear and AISD staff, as well as PTA parents, and local design professionals.  They jury very much wants to hear which design is your favorite and why!  Please let them know via the form at the bottom of the page by January 18th, 2018.  

Design Submissions

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